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Someone asked me once ……what is art? The answer I gave “Art is something you appreciate over time, indeed, every time you encounter a particular work it has blossomed in your consciousness even more, it has become more beautiful than before.” Of course my friend believed I was talking about oil paintings, many people relate the art world to our national galleries and the pieces that hang from their esteemed walls. I went on to explain that art is all around them and they appreciate it as much as anyone, it can be your garden and how it has developed over the years. It could be the slick lines on your car you admire each morning, it might be the extension on your neighbor’s house.

I believe my explanation to be rather good, however I think Mr. Chow brings it to another level. Have a look at this narrative on food and the search for perfection. A short film by  Alison Chernick hosted by the creative folks at nowness.com.

Mr. Chow’s Symphony  from Alison Chernick on Nowness.com.

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